05 March 2013

87 year-old Woman dies, retirement home nurse refuses to give her CPR

'Is there anybody willing to help this lady and not let her die?': Woman dies after retirement home nurse refuses to give her CPR, saying it was 'against the home's rules'

87-year-old Lorraine Bayless had collapsed at the Glenwood Gardens retirement home and was barely breathing when the 911 call was made

A woman has died after a Californian retirement home nurse refused to give her CPR as it was “against the rules”.

An audio tape of a 911 call placed by the nurse has been released to the media, on which operator/dispatcher Tracey Halverson can be heard pleading with her to perform CPR on 87-year-old Lorraine Bayless, who had collapsed at the home and was barely breathing.

The nurse can be heard refusing to perform the emergency procedure several times, saying it was against the Bakersfield-based home’s rules to intervene and adding that she was under orders simply to await the arrival of emergency medical personnel.

Ms Halverson goes on to ask the nurse if another resident, gardener or anybody else not directly employed by the home could take the phone and listen to instructions on how to perform CPR.

She was told nobody was available.

Read more here:  Is there anybody willing to help?

Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was under "No Others Can Contact" & "Do Not Resuscitate" orders, his abusers also refused him medical treatment for his bed sores as well.

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  1. Were those Mr. Fuller's wishes, or the demands of his abusers? The "Do Not Resuscitate" order seems pretty standard and is something I would want for myself, but the "No others can contact" order seems very strange. Not allowing treatment for the bedsores is criminal.

    1. He made it abundantly clear that he did not under any circumstances be put into a convalescent hospital before he reached old age.

      Furthermore, with over $308,000.00 he had more that enough resources to be taken care of the last year of his life, that is before the advent of his abusers stepping in and taking over.


  2. Robert and Doris have been judged by the court to have stolen $235,000 from Thelsey Fuller. Furthermore they have been judged to be guilty of elder abuse. So why are they still free and why haven't they reimbursed the estate as ordered?

    And why hasn't this lak fellow faced any consequences for aiding and abetting the Fullers and helping to deceive Thelsey? Also, why was he never disciplined for filing a bogus lis pendens in that Nevada case against Town & Country Bank?

    1. They have been found in civil court to have committed fraud, financial elder abuse and undue influence. They've filed an appeal but failed to pay a bond and post it with the court in the amount that they owe the estate... They still control the real estate... All in violation of the orders of the court. Everyone from the top to the bottom in the judicial system and each and every politician we've contacted as far as we know, less one lone detective, have turned their heads and looked the other way...

      We have been informed that it is a civil matter?

      "368. (a) The Legislature finds and declares that crimes against elders and dependent adults are deserving of special consideration and protection, not unlike the special protections provided for minor children, because elders and dependent adults may be confused, on various medications, mentally or physically impaired, or incompetent, and therefore less able to protect themselves, to understand or report criminal conduct, or to testify in court proceedings on their own behalf." [unquote]


      Concerning Daniel K. Lak... the judicial system polices their own er, whom they will. However, there is a judgement against the co-defendant Mr. Brian Goodard for $475,000.00 plus attorney fees for $73,404.00 plus cost $691.00. ($549,095.00 +)

      Plaintiff: Town & Country Bank
      Defendants: Brian Goddard and Daniel K. Lak

      Case Number: 2:2009cv00686
      Filed: April 16, 2009



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