06 June 2015

"What happened to check in the sum of $107,692.30 dated 9/29/14?"

Department    LA    5     Court Convened at:    8:30 AM    6/16/2015

Honorable Maria E. Stratton
D. Gonzalez , Deputy County Clerk     L. Ruiz , Deputy Sheriff 
C. Peters, CSR 5667 , Reporter

BP135381       1014     FULLER, EDWINA - DECEDENT     
Letters of Administr  
Petitioner(s): Fuller, Steven  
Attorney(s): Randall, Teddie J., Esq.  
Continuance Number:     Continuance From:
Last Date Changed: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 10:29:16 AM
Last Note Changed By: MOSBORNE

To clear probate notes "filed documents" must be submitted to Rm 429, within time frames set forth in Rule 4.4 (b) of LASC Rules. You may contact the Probate Attorney or Probate Examiner whose E-Mail address appears at the end of these notes, subject to compliance with all conditions governing the use of Interactive E-Mail. E-mail Rules are available on the Court's web site at www.LACourt.org.

Petition filed 3/3/15

Petnr is decd's son/admr Ltrs 3/6/13 D/D 6/2/12
1st & Final Acct 6/2/12 to 2/28/15
[Assets on hand $21,82087 - cash only]

OTHER CASES: Thelsey L. Fuller Trust dtd 7/23/2008 at BP122665 (Said trust was other owner of 50% interest in R/P located at 1916 Belhaven Avenue, Los Angeles, CA that was sold herein) - next hrg set for 7/8/15; Decd's cshp previously in BP099211; Estate of decd trustor Thelsey L. Fuller at BP118616 (terminated per 5/17/12 minute order)

A. Disbursement schedule incomplete - each entry must describe the nature or purpose of the disbursement (e.g., what do disbursements to One United for monthly fee represent?) - see Probate Code section 1062(b) - supp reqd
B. What happened to check in the sum of $107,692.30 dtd 9/29/14 delivered to petnr as conservator of the person and estate of Edwina Fuller from the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust? Where has this check been accounted for? - supp reqd
C. Has petnr been finally discharged as consr in the Edwina Fuller cshp? No mandatory judicial council from DE-295/GC-395 ex parte petition for final discharge and order entered in the cshp proceeding - supp reqd


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