21 June 2015

$107,692.30 - Steven Fuller's deception

The California Department of Health had a lien on the Estate of Edwina Fuller; Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles Case # BP 135381.

The judge would not allow me to ask a simple question during the hearing of June 16, 2015.

All I wanted to know or have explained to me is how Carol, Sandra and Robert submitted waivers to the State Dept. of Health in regards to the $72,619.59 lien, in which the state released said lien because all mentioned above are disabled and in order that they would realize an inheritance from their mother, Edwina Fuller.

I don't believe that the release of the lien by the state was meant to facilitate the savaging of the estate by Steven Fuller but, instead so that ALL of Edwina Fuller's issue could obtain a portion of their mother's estate.

I am at a lost being that it was made abundantly clear to me by the Court that I do not, did not have a right to petition the government for grievances or to be heard on behalf of my mother.

Atty. Randall and Steven Fuller did not account for the $107,692.30 to the Court until pressed - an accounting which was not and has not been forwarded to the author as of this writing which I am entitled too.

Without the release of the lien the estate would have been worth a mere $35,072.71 and not nearly enough for Steven Fuller and his various attorneys to enrich themselves.

More to come....

Veritas Semper Fidelis

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