09 June 2015

Suspect Stole Over Half A Million Dollars

Police said that after examining Mele's bank records, it was discovered that Mele had used the victim's funds for his own personal expenses such as entertainment, gambling, and travel.

In other news.... 

The Superior Court of California
 County of Los Angeles
Central District

    Case BP135381      FULLER, EDWINA - DECEDENT   

"B. What happened to check in the sum of $107,692.30 dtd 9/29/14 delivered to petnr as conservator of the person and estate of Edwina Fuller from the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust?"

It's been noted that Steven Fuller AKA Steven A. Fuller has been traveling around the nation.

Where has this check been accounted for?

It hasn't been accounted for, it's gone and it's long past time for some answers from the perps.

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