22 April 2014

Steven Fuller not to be trusted - Sale of Trust Asset(s)

In the very last conversation that I had with Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller, my maternal grandfather [the victim of elder abuse, financial elder abuse this blog is dedicated too], a mere twenty or so days before his death, I advised him not to trust anyone and his response was, "I know."

That said, I knew at an early age that there was a serious case of dysfunction in the family which is one of the reasons that I decided to leave California in 1990 and never to return for any reason.

Now, Steven Fuller has always attempted to portray himself as an upstanding person but, I knew from past experience that he had what I believed to be several issues. I believe him to be arrogant, egotistical, spoiled, narcissistic, conceited and self-absorbed.

Steven did take care of Momma without a doubt but, let me be clear everyone in the family believed that he did so on a voluntary basis. Truth be told, evidently he didn't. From what I understand, from what I believe and from what has come to fruition in reality is he took care of Momma for financial gain. As far as I know the only member of the family that has agreed that he should be reimbursed for some of his expenses is my mother.

He demanded money from Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller for taking care of Momma and when he didn't get it he sued him.

Let me be clear, that before Daddy had fallen extremely ill, Steven's goal was always to sale real estate that was not his own but, instead that which belonged to his alleged father and mother.  He was successful in the sale of the Trust real estate asset in Compton, CA [far below fair market value].  But, he failed or should I say he was thwarted in the sale of the Trust real estate asset located in Inglewood when a complaint was filed against his hand-picked Successor Trustee - Patrick J. Barnitt and Barnitt's attorney - Jeanna M. Fitzgerald with the California State Bar. It should be noted that it was believed that Barnitt was not looking out for the best interest of the Trust or the beneficiaries thereof but, instead doing the bidding of Steven A. Fuller when the Trust assets were being offered up for sale far below fair market value.  Mr. Barnitt and his attorney, Ms. Fitzgerald were advised and admonished that several beneficiaries did not want the Compton asset confirmed and sold far below fair market value but, relisted instead. The sale went through anyway.  The asset was sold to pay debts incurred by Steven Fuller in pursuit of his lawsuit against the man that fed and raised him.  I believe this was done to spite Robert and Doris and to liquidate the assets before the appeal B241450 was heard in the 2nd Appellate Court.

Steven Fuller with the help of one of his many attorneys is in the process of attempting to appoint another Successor Trustee - Tala R. Davis. Which the beneficiaries of the Trust have let it be known that they object to her appointment. It is believed that she has ties to Steven's friends er, attorneys. Her business address listed with the California State Bar is the same as attorney Teddie Randall & Associates.

Tala R. Davis - #200338
3681 Crenshaw Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016-4849

Teddie J. Randall - #91433
3681 Crenshaw Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016-4849


8:30 AM Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Stanley Mosk Courthouse - Superior Court of California
111 N. Hill Street, Room 260
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Tale of the Third Head of the Snake
To be continued, watch this space.

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