16 April 2014

It's the same snake

Criminal Elder Abuse, Criminal Financial Elder Abuse, Fraud, Undue Influence, Theft...

Los Angeles County Superior Court Cases
BP099211, BP118616, BP122665, BP135381

All three heads can work together in unison...  The old man was placed in a home with his wife for a short period of time where one of the heads was in charge.

Two heads can work together... Trust and Will set up by the abusers and their attorney to make them the sole beneficiaries immediately after the old man was removed from the home mentioned above.

One head can work on its own... One head can remove monies and retirement funds from the bank, one head can claim it was unaware. The third head having designs on selling all of the real estate and carrying it out.

Of the three headed monster none appeared to want to put the old man on the witness stand for over two years in order that he explain what HE WANTED!

But, instead all three heads with the help of their attorneys or the attorneys themselves moved to prolong the trial for financial gain er, waiting for their victims [Thelsey & Edwina] to die.

Put the old man on the stand and he spills his guts telling the Court what he wanted for his wife and his children. But, instead the family is left to rely on the old man's manipulation on paper by the abusers and their attorney.

The attorneys are snakes by their own right.

Then the one head of the same snake instead of having one of the attorneys go after the other two heads that stole the MONEY! go after the two other victims [the old man's daughters] and the old man's estate two years after the Court has ordered that the attorney collect his fees from the abusers.


More to follow, watch this space.

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