17 April 2014

About That Snake

by Monica Post

Bullshit period.
My father wanted me to take control of Mama. Move her back into his house and hers.. he wanted Stevie to get nothing. That    he would give me money for her. Look now..he was wanting me or even my sister his second born to stay with him.  We were in no shape to do so. Stevie jumped on me twice and lied on me in order to get his hands on my father's money. A person like that is insane.  An ex-con (Daddy's baby boy) Robert Fuller and a ugly silverback looking female bastard (Doris ??????) out smarted him (Stevie and my own father)
These assholes even tricked Aunt Evelyn and Joan.
If, no greedy bastards  were involved......We all would have had   some money.  They all wanted to hurt me.. and won.
My father told me, even before my daughter            got married..that he was tired of Stevie talking about his kids (my sister, I and Robert) like they were garbage.  Stevie took him to get a will done     also. GREED
Stevie will win...plotting for many years.  Mama tried to warn me...she did not know how no good he really is.
She did  hold both of my hands.  Said I was her best child.
If, Stevie really loved his mother, he never would have put his hands on me or tell an out right lie on me.......because Robert and Doris told him to do so.
Bullshit big-time.
My poor father lived years of shit and my grandmother had to raise me. He was forced to raise two others' rats brats.
No cares...they had a "dad" not me....BUT I'M THE BEST!!! on my ass and fat with good kids.
Fuck it!! I'm posting this

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