25 November 2013

Multiple felony charges in elder abuse case

Two Tualatin women face multiple felony charges in an elder abuse case that Washington County officials say lasted several years and cost the victim an estimated $80,000 along with priceless family heirlooms.

Detectives spent five months investigating Nichole Garlitz, 43, and Kelly Dresser, 41, after an 81-year-old man's family contacted authorities with concerns.

The family member called the Washington County Sheriff's Office in April, saying the two women had taken over all aspects of the victim's life, according to a press release.

Garlitz and Dresser approached the man at a Tualatin shopping mall two years ago, authorities said, and "struck up a friendship."

Authorities arrested Garlitz three times and Dresser four times during the past month related to the elder abuse case.

After the investigation, county officials determined $80,000 in cash, family heirlooms such as jewelry and antique furniture and other items are unaccounted for.

The victim's family believes its farm, in the family for 100 years, is at risk too, according to the release.

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