06 November 2013

Elder financial abuse reports increasing; usually the work of relatives...

By Brent Hunsberger | bhunsberger@oregonian.com 
The biggest risk to an older or disabled loved one’s finances is a relative, a friend … maybe even you.

Family, acquaintances and unrelated caregivers are most likely to exploit an older or disabled person’s finances, a new state study of the increasingly reported problem has found.
To report abuse in Oregon
Call Oregon Department of Human Services at 1-800-232-3020 or go to DHS online for other resources.

The abuse also remains difficult to prove, according to the study by the Oregon Office of Adult Abuse Prevention and Investigations. The office’s investigators were able to substantiate only 30 percent of alleged abuses reported by seniors and disabled people. 

The rest were either unsubstantiated or inconclusive.

Financial exploitation is the most common form of elder abuse and figures to be a significant issue as the population ages with large amounts of accumulated wealth.

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