29 November 2013

Ex-insurance agent charged with financial elder abuse

California Insurance Commissioner has juice

A former insurance agent has been charged with financial elder abuse for allegedly forging his aunt's signature to make withdrawals from a life insurance policy he sold to her, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said.

Myles Seishin Hanashiro, 47, was arrested on four felony counts of financial elder abuse.

"Insurance agents who prey on elders are particularly loathsome," Jones said. "Violating their fiduciary trust and responsibility by taking advantage of vulnerable seniors is simply unforgivable and I will continue use every tool at my department’s disposal to pursue and bring to justice criminals who prey on seniors."

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Siblings Robert L. Fuller & Doris A. Fuller AKA Doris Fuller Stewart AKA Ijnanya Fuller [Atty. Daniel K. Lak] were found to have committed fraud, undue influence and financial elder abuse and against Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller in Los Angeles County Superior Court [BP 099211, BP 122665].

After isolating Mr. Fuller from all other family members and draining his life savings, the pair placed the fragile 92-year-old man in a convalescent hospital against his will where they abandon him to die alone and broke.

In excess of $308,000.00 was stolen by the pair.

All authorities were notified, n
o criminal charges will be filed.

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