03 January 2013

Older Americans Are Easy Victims

Tips to avoid, prevent increasing elder abuse

Older Americans are easy victims for scam artists. But increasingly it's trusted family and friends who are abusing the elderly by draining bank accounts, selling valuables or even taking over their real estate. These crimes can often be very difficult to spot.

Seventy-four-year-old Arthur Green spent years building his lakeside home. He says recently he was persuaded to sign it over to his granddaughter and was told he could live out his days there.

"All of a sudden she just like, I don't know what, snap of the fingers, she changed. She got money hungry," said Green.

His granddaughter tried to evict him and sell the property.

"Arthur was absolutely at risk of homelessness," said Denis Culley, a legal services attorney. "He was also completely impoverished because this land and house is the only thing of any value he owned in the world."

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