29 March 2012

Spirit of Discernment vs Dept. of Injustice

If someone takes all of an elders assets [$308,000.00] and places the elder victim in a convalescent hospital, signs them up for Medi-Cal when they have health insurance and that elder should have had enough money to pay for their care and live like a king before they became a victim to elder abuse, financial elder abuse:

Robert L. Fuller turned in a Medi-Cal application to Pacific Palms Convalescent Hospital on 10 August 2009.

No crime has been committed?

Got it!

Say ye, Shibboleth?

In consequence of a quarrel which long existed between Jephthah, judge of Israel, and the Ephraimites: the latter had been a stubborn, rebellious people, whom Jephthah had endeavored to subdue by lenient measures, but to no effect.

The Ephraimites, being highly incensed for not being called to fight, and share in the rich spoils of the Ammonitish war, assembled a mighty army, and passed over the river Jordan to give Jephthah battle; but he, being apprised of their approach, called together the men of Gilead, and gave them battle, and put them to flight; and, to make his victory more complete, he ordered guards to be placed on the different passes on the banks of the river Jordan, and commanded, if the Ephraimites passed that way, Say ye Shibboleth; but they, being of a different tribe, could not frame to pronounce it aright, and pronounced it Sibboleth; which trifling defect proved them to be spies, and cost them their lives; and there fell at that time, at the different passes on the banks of the river Jordan, forty and two thousand [the amount Doris A. Fuller turned down].

Trayvon Martin did not live to be 92 years old.

Trayvon Martin will never be the victim of elder abuse.

The attentive ear hears ...

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