17 July 2013

Pinellas Park woman accused of elder abuse

Kameel Stanley, Times Staff Writer

PINELLAS PARK — The man was so emaciated that only 90 to 95 pounds clung to his 5-foot-11 frame.
Day after day, he lay in a bed soiled with his own waste. He had multiple bed sores. Maggots fed on his flesh. A wound on his leg had been open so long that his dry tibia was exposed, and no skin grew over it.
Police deemed his condition criminal.
They arrested his caregiver, Sharon Louise Tillman, on a charge of abuse or neglect of an aged or disabled person.
Tillman, 48 and unemployed, was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on Monday night. 
No bail was set.
In the elder abuse, financial elder abuse, fraud and undue influence of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller highlighted on this blog; the abusers, Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller aka  Doris Fuller Stewart are still at large.

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