23 May 2013

Woman Took Elderly Victim

YORK (SC) — A Smyrna woman is in jail facing more than 40 forgery and financial card theft charges after police say she made fraudulent credit card transactions and stole checks from an elderly woman she took care of for at least six months.

The victim, who is in her late 80s, first reported the forgery after discovering that stole three of her checks had been stolen and her name had been forged, funneling about $1,600 from her bank account, said York Police Detective Mike Clark.

The victim also told police she received an American Express credit card bill showing several transactions totaling at least $7,000 that she hadn’t made, Clark said.

Officers spoke with the caregiver, who told police she had completed the transactions, he said.

Nikki Flynn Fleming, 38, is charged with 37 counts of financial transaction card fraud equaling less than $500, three counts of forgery and two counts of financial transaction car fraud valuing more than $500 in a six-month period.

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Robert L. Fuller, Doris A. Fuller a.k.a. Doris Fuller Stewart are still at large.

"The more we talk about this subject..." Jackie Lacey
From the archives http://stampoutelderabuse.org/EFPN/media/EFPN-on-KFWB-122111.mp3


Congrats again Madam DA on being elected.


  1. Commit elder abuse in York County, South Carolina... go to jail.

  2. That lak fellow is also still at large. This weekend he will be at the Mahe Restaurant and Karaoke bar in Dana Point bellowing such worn out favorites as "Feel Like Makin' Love," "Sweet Home Alabama," "Feel Like Makin' Love in Alabama" and "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Breath." Everybody is invited to boo and throw pennies in his tip bucket.

    1. Isn't it obvious by now that Dan the Man is a baller?

      If he grew up in Compton like I did on Belhaven Ave, he'd be a rapper.

      You know what they say though, "Once A Marine always a Marine."

      Semper Fi

      Top row, second from the left.


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