28 May 2013

Truckee man, 48, arrested on felony counts of financial elder abuse

TRUCKEE, Calif. — A 48-year-old Truckee man was arrested this week on multiple felony charges related to financial elder abuse, according to the Truckee Police Department.

According to a Thursday TPD press release, Richard Copeland had been stealing money and other items from his family members for several months.

After being tipped by family members, police “acted quickly to limit losses...”

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Well, that certainly isn't how the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department handles these types of cases. Robert L. Fuller and his sibling, Doris A. Fuller a.k.a Doris Fuller Stewart are still at large.

However, their former attorney Daniel Kristof Lak is currently dealing with a lot of negative karma after helping the two named commit elder abuse, financial elder abuse, fraud and undue influence; which is having an impact on his ability to practice law. It would appear that he would be better off trying for a real singing career. 


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    But, you do know that religion is a slippery slope.

  3. Unfortunately for that lak fellow, bellowing out tunes for tips is not as lucrative as lawyer-assisted theft. Even if the chicks do dig him. But then what chick is gonna dig a washed-up-lawyer-wannabe-rock star?

    1. Monica Hamrick29 May, 2013 00:31


    2. Thelsey didn't change his name, they did.

  4. Doris? No, he prefers anorexic blondes who think they have style, class and elegance like Audrey Hepburn.

    1. He's limiting his possible resources, he has child support to pay. He needs all the help he can get. Who would hire him after reviewing his Bar file?

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