15 December 2012

Defendant's Appeal, Re: Edwina Fuller v. Fuller et al.

12/14/2012 -- Appeal dismissed for failure to file opening brief.
Defendant and Appellant: Fuller, Robert
Attorney: Daniel K. Lak

Defendant and Appellant: Fuller, Doris
Attorney: Daniel K. Lak

In 2003, I realized that there was a problem brewing in the family
and I asked Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller - my maternal grandfather -- to
put something in place to protect he and his wife, Edwina, which he
failed to do.

In June of 2006, Mr. Steven A. Fuller filed Case No: BP099211,
Conservatorship of Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller, my maternal
grandmother, in the Superior Court of California, County of Los
Angeles.  Steven had been taking care of Edwina for over 15 years
before filing for conservatorship.

In November of 2007, Thelsey asked me if I were ever coming home
and I explained to him that since he had asked, “No, that it was
never my intention to return to California for any reason.”  He then
asked me to come home for Christmas, I agreed.  However, once
learning that I was coming home to spend Christmas with my
grandfather I received veiled threats from Robert L. Fuller and on
behalf of Doris A. Fuller.  I then canceled my trip, knowing that it is
easy to get in trouble and hard to get out.

In early 2008, I learned from my grandfather, Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller
that family members were beginning to manipulate him.  He
informed me that he was giving all of his adult children save Steven,
$1,000.00 per month.  He also told me that they would not come
to see him and when they did come by they expected to be paid.
Recalling the exchanges that I had with Robert L. Fuller in regards
to my grandparents and their assets I then advised Steven Fuller to
move to protect Edwina Fuller’s interest.

On May 12, 2008 Steven Fuller filed a petition to determine
ownership on a property located in Inglewood and belonging to my
grandfather as a “single man.”

Now, from what I understand Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller
aka Doris Fuller-Stewart aka Doris A. Stewart aka Ijnanya Fuller
hired ATTY. DANIEL KRISTOF LAK to represent Thelsey in
the PC 850.  No response was made to the PC 850 until after my
grandfather had signed several documents; Power of Attorney,
Trust, Trust Amendment, several real estate documents and turned
over his bank accounts to his abusers, Robert & Doris Fuller.
Their response to the PC 850 was filed five months later in October
of 2008.

"Their response to the PC 850 was filed five months later in October
of 2008."  Which would have been beyond the time limit for them to respond

It has come to my attention that DANIEL KRISTOF LAK used
the same notary, Fiona Cherrie, on at least five documents that
were allegedly signed by my grandfather, Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller.
I had also learned that DANIEL KRISTOF LAK was a defendant
in US Court, Clark County Nevada for slander of real estate title
and is currently facing disciplinary action with the California State
Bar Court.

I believe that DANIEL KRISTOF LAK has a conflict of interest
in deciding to represent Robert and Doris Fuller in the civil cases
moving through the Courts as my grandfather Mr. Thelsey L.
Fuller as his client never had the opportunity to be asked or
answer any questions in open court as to his desires for his wife,
Edwina Fuller, his other children – Shirley, Sandra and Steven or
his assets.  But, instead the wishes and desires of Lak's clients
Robert and Doris Fuller as it was when they hired DANIEL
KRISTOF LAK claiming that they hired him on behalf of Mr.
Thelsey L. Fuller.

It must be noted that DANIEL KRISTOF LAK’s clients, Robert
Lewis Fuller  and Doris Aleda Fuller were found by the Court to
have committed fraud, undue influence, financial elder abuse and
were ordered to repay the Estate of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller in
excess of $235,000.00 and to turn over all Trust Assets (real
estate) which they have refused and failed to do to this day.

It must be noted that my very first reaction to learning about the
events that were visited upon my beloved grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Thelsey L. Fuller (Edwina) by Daniel K. Lak and his clients
was to report Attorney Daniel K. Lak to the California State Bar,
Office of the Chief Trial Counsel, Inquiry Number: 09-20908.


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