26 November 2012

Friend's Daughter Bullied and Beat Down on School Bus


YORK, S.C. -- Police in York, South Carolina are investigating the brutal beating of a 12-year-old girl on a school bus. Ariana Magbanua said she had been bullied at school and that led to being beaten by another student on the way home from York Intermediate last Wednesday.

Video obtained by NBC Charlotte shows a much larger girl viciously punching the 5’2”, 94-pound 6th grader in the head. Ariana said she was just trying to survive.
“Just to duck my head, just to make sure I didn’t get hit in the face or anything. I was just waiting for the bus driver to stop. I was just waiting for ‘em to stop so she could get her off of me,” said Ariana.
Ariana’s mother, Susan, said the video is difficult to watch.
Watching that made me want to cry.  I know her parents and I have known this child since she was a little bitty thing.  Ari is a very sweet girl and didn't deserve being beaten like this.  Her parents put her on the school bus three weeks ago but, before this happened they dropped her off and picked her up from school.  It's a damn shame that they can't trust the school district to safely transport their child to and from school.   "If there is somebody getting hurt... speak up." Ariana Magbanua

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