08 November 2012

Fiona Cherrie, Notary Public

Fiona Cherrie, Comm. #1593709, Notary Public - California, Orange County

Fiona Cherrie is the notary on the following documents* regarding Mr. Thelsey L. (S) Fuller:

1. Power of Attorney

2. Trust

2a. Trust Amendment 

3. Bradfield Ave. [DEED]

4. 12th Ave. [DEED]

5. Falmouth Ave. [DEED]

That said, knowing the history of Mr. Lak in relation to failing to properly file legal documents, slander of real estate titles and failing to file legal documents in a timely manner... I will be posting snapshots of the documents* as soon as possible.

I can't understand why the deed to the Falmouth Ave. property reflects "An undivided 1.16572 percentage interest" to "James Matthew Keenan and Judith Lisa Eisenstein."

Nor do I understand this:

Condo 8707 Falmouth Avenue, Unit: 308 
Buyer: Judith Lisa Eisenstein (Trustee), Thelsey S Fuller (Trustee) (Revocable Trust), Thelsey S Fuller, James Matthew and Judith Lisa Eisenstein Keenan (Revocable Trust) (Trustee) and James Matthew Keenan 
Seller: Judy Lisa Eisenstein and Thelsey S Fuller

Unless I consider the veracity of the abusers.

Knowing what Robert and Doris pulled off on Daddy, Momma, the Courts and the family with the help of Daniel Lak to this day, it is all very suspicious and causes my stomach great discomfort.

*Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller and Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller were victims of elder abuse, financial elder abuse, undue influence and fraud... that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check back for updates.

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