18 July 2012

Probate Judge OKs Payment For Trustee Under Investigation

July 18, 2012

"The Los Angeles County probate judge who oversees an elderly heiress' trust fund approved $50,000 in compensation Tuesday for a Kabbalah Centre official who is under criminal investigation for his handling of the woman's financial affairs.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael I. Levanas signed off on John E. Larkin's payment request without comment."


 Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael I. Levanas is the same judge that failed to place a restraining order on the bank accounts of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller a 92 years old man.  The very next day after the judge failed to protect Mr. Fuller from his abusers they removed $235,000.00 from Mr. Fuller's bank account.   Robert and Doris Fuller were ordered to repay the money to the estate and were removed as trustees of the Thelsey S. Fuller (sic) Trust and were told to turn over all trust assets, both of which they have failed to do.   And going as far as to take possession of the real property and trust property located at 8625 S. 12th Ave, Inglewood, CA, 90305 wherein they will have to be evicted by the Trustee.  I also believe that they have attempted to hide a trust asset from the court, other trust members and the Trustee, a condo located at 8707 Falmouth Ave #308, Playa Del Rey, CA, 90293 ... engaging in slander of real estate titles and failing to file documents in a proper and timely fashion.

The case number is LASC BP099211 and is highlighted on this blog.

Re: 8707 Falmouth Ave #308 
FromJudy Lisa 
I had an opportunity to read through the material you forwarded.
Based on what I have read it appears that your grandfather is Thelsey Fuller a single man.  He was an elder at the time that that Thelsey Fuller Trust was established. 
The trust was established by Robert Fuller and Doris Fuller Stewart.
The premise for establishing this trust for for the care of Thelsey Fuller.
It sounds like someone ( perhaps Robert and Doris) attempted to use this trust to steal ( slander) real estate titles.
It looks like they attached the trust to my property in Los Angeles.
It looks like the trust was legally declared VOID.
It looks like NO arrest were make despite the findings of fraud and elder abuse against Thelsey Fuller.
Is this all correct?
So how do things stand now?
How may I help you?
What is your belief about attorney Dan Lak?  Did you believe that he was in someway at the helm of this real estate fraud or was he merely the attorney representing your aunt and uncle Robert and Doris?

Actually, my grandfather was still married to my grandmother and that is why Robert and Doris conspired to defrauded my grandfather with what I believe was the help of Mr. Lak in order to deprive my grandmother of her marital assets.

Only the amendment to the trust was thrown out by the court, the trust is still intact.

Everything isn't on my blog but, an awful lot of documentation is as to the elder abuse, financial elder abuse and fraud that took place is available for all to peruse.

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