05 April 2012

Minor Murdered By Neighbor In Sanford, Florida

A 6' 2" ... 17 year old, minor was run down by one of his father's girlfriends neighbors in a "gated community," a concealed carry citizen of Sanford, Florida and shot dead while calls were being recorded by the Sanford Police 911 system.

Killer claims Florida law self-defense statute, "stand your ground."

Victim was returning from the store carrying Skittles and a can of Arizona Iced Tea for his younger brother.

Police dispatcher warned killer as he was in pursuit of his victim.

As victim screams out for help deadly gunshot rings out and all is caught on 911 calls to police and recorded.

Victim listed as John Doe for three days though his identity is alleged to have been known to police.

Shooter being held on second degree murder charges only after global public uproar.

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