22 May 2017

Elder Abuse continues...

The lawsuit in Ventura County Superior Court alleges the hospital didn't notify Mandelman's family of his fall. 


Napa care facility sued for elder abuse, negligence following patient’s death

The lawsuit alleges that the staff at Napa Valley Care Center on Villa Lane did not provide necessary care to Caroline Johnson, an 82-year-old patient who was at the facility for nine days before having a stroke and falling into a coma. 

Jury finds couple guilty in elder abuse case

A Bluefield, Va. husband and wife face decades in prison after a Mercer County jury found them guilty Friday of charges including abuse and neglect of an incapacitated adult.
The trial of Monty Bone, 58, and his wife Sonja Bone, 51, both of Bluefield, Va. started Tuesday before Circuit Court Judge William Sadler. Both the husband and wife were charged with felony abuse of an incapacitated adult, felony neglect of incapacitated adult malicious assault and conspiracy. The case started on July 17, 2015 when Detective K.L. Adams of the Bluefield Police Department was contacted by physicians at Bluefield Regional Medical Center about a Bluefield woman, 87-year-old Nancy Bone, who was brought to the hospital on July 11, 2015. Physicians said she showed signs of abuse.
Adams described in his case report how physicians told him that Nancy Bone was extremely dehydrated with low sodium levels and had severe bed sores on her right hip and shoulder along with bruises on her right ear and face; the injuries would have occurred if she had been lying on her right side "for a prolonged period of time such as days." Physicians also said she had some broken ribs in different stages of healing.

Elder abuse victims suffering in silence

The Commission on Aging says one in 10 people over the age of 50 is the victim of abuse, and half of all men and women suffering from dementia are abused. The abuse can happen in a senior living facility, but the Nampa Family Justice Center says most times, family members are the perpetrators. 
"People don't want to think about it," said Lana McCullough, senior resource coordinator at the justice center.
McCullough says elder abuse can happen in the form of domestic violence, neglect, financial exploitation or any another form abuse.
"I was a wreck," said Barbara Ann Hoffman-Valdetero, who was a victim of elder abuse. "I know it wasn't good."
Hoffman-Valdetero was a victim of emotional and financial abuse by her partner for many years, until she says it got physical and her teeth were knocked out.
"I called the police scared to death behind a closed door in my home," she said.
Dee Bingman's story is much different. Her parents were victimized by her brother.
"My mom called and said 'help me, I'm locked in and nobody is here. I'm afraid'," said Bingman.
After her mother passed away, Bingman says her dad was the sole victim.
"I think he really didn't want to admit it was his own son doing the things..."

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