03 October 2015

Steven A. Fuller & Teddie J. Randall got away with it Re: BP135381

Fraud, Perjury, Theft, Misappropriation, Embezzlement 


08/12/2015 at 01:30 pm in Department 5, Maria E. Stratton, Presiding

JTD 1 APPROVED [Fraudulent accounting, embezzlement, theft, misappropriation, perjury]
JTD 2 APPROVED [Steven Bain aka Steven Fuller & Randall $3,065.00]
JTD 3 DENIED [No more MONEY! for Randall]
JTD 4 DENIED [No more MONEY! for Steven]
JTD 5 OVER RULED [Probate Court run amok; It's okay to lie & steal]
JTD 6 SUSTAINED [Atty Sandra Anderson gets her MONEY!]
Petition granted

1. JTD account, report
2. JTD statutory commissions & attorneys fees $3,065
3. JTD extraordinary attorney's fees $12,845 (30.10 hrs)
4. JTD extraordinary commissions $1,000
5. JTD objections by Sandra Arnold: 

a) that the court order Steven Fuller and atty Teddie J. Randall to account for the $107,692.30 paid to the Estate of Edwina Fuller by the Estate of Thelsey L. Fuller and to deposit same into a blkd account along with any other monies belonging to the Estate of Edwina Fuller;

b) that the court order that any monies not accounted for and or produced by Steven Fuller and atty Teddie J. Randall be held against them; that they be jointly and severally liable for all missing monies and that those missing monies be recovered from any fees claimed by them against the Estate of Edwina Fuller; 

c) that the court reject and deny the 1st and Final Rept and Acct, as well as any and all acts and proceedings of the admr; 

d) that the court deny any payments to Steven Fuller, Teddie J. Randall and Randall & Associates or any other creditor until such time as a proper and accurate accounting is conducted and then reviewed by the court and all parties involved; 

e) that the court deny the proposed distribution; 

f) that the court find that Steven Fuller and atty Teddie J. Randall attempted to mislead the court, are in contempt of court and committed perjury in regards to the accounting; 

g) that the court find that atty Randall, after being notified of the objections to the sale of the Belhaven Ave. property below fair market value, failed to oppose the safe of the Belhaven Ave. property causing a financial loss to his clients, Shirley Ritchey and Sandra Arnold in regards to the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust in the amount of $20,875; 

h) that the court find that atty Randall has a conflict of interest in the various court cases, BP09921 et. al; 

i) that the court consider the complaint filed against atty Randall with the State Bar, inquiry #14 18164 [pending] for his failure to provide adequate legal representation to his client(s) Sandra Arnold and Shirley Ritchey but, instead provided legal services geared mainly to benefit the designs of Steven Fuller thus causing a financial loss to all less Steven Fuller; 

j) that the court consider Exhibits 1-12 attached to the objs as background info as to the objs and the allegations contained in the objs when making its determination as to the distribution 

k) that the Court force Steven Fuller, admr, to give an accounting for the alleged life insurance policy of Edwina Fuller

5. JTD Sandra Arnold's amendment to objs filed 5/1/15: That the court revisit, rescind and or revise the award of $124,700 to claimant/petitioner, Steven Fuller, also known as Steven A. Fuller

6. JTD objections of petnr's former attorney Sandra Jones Anderson: a) an Order directing Steven Fuller as the former consr of the estate of Edwina Fuller, and now the admr of the estate of Edwina Fuller to pay to Sandra Jones Anderson, former attorney for the cshp of Edwina Fuller, the sum of $14,951 for attorney fees and $161.00 for costs advanced by objr for her services to the cshp of Edwina Fuller in Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BP 099211, pursuant to the 11/18/14 Order of the Court



You got away with it. [FOR NOW]

It was a fuck fest. 
Thelsey & Edwina's family got humped by the bastard with the help of the Court, and the various corrupt attorneys.

The L. A. Probate Court is a sham but, you scumbags already knew that.

This goes out to all the low-lifes, you know who you are.

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