22 July 2015

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About Us

My name is Robert Gettinger, I’m the son of Gertrude Gettinger who immigrated to Los Angeles from Canada in 1959 with her husband Franz and two Children Sylvia and Robert. I was a police officer for the city of Los Angeles from 1980-1988. I attended Pasadena Art Center college of design and Los Angeles Valley college. I was the sole person who cared and helped our mother.

I graduated from the Police academy at the top of my class and took top honors for marksmanship.  Being part of law enforcement I saw both sides of a broken system. A legal system I once endorsed and protected I found was corrupt, based on greed,  lies and filled with dishonesty and frauds.
Our mother worked her entire life as a maid and housekeeper to provide for her family. She raised Sylvia and myself putting us through school and college. In our teens our parents divorced leaving our mother to raise us alone. I kept in contact with both my parents while Sylvia sided with our mother and showed obvious hate and anger towards our father after the separation.
My sister Sylvia moved out of the home in 1982 when she married her first husband (Ralph Velasco of Glendale CA). She never had a close relationship with anyone in our family. She did not speak or see our father after 1972 when our parents separated. She failed to stay in contact with our mother and rarely called or visited.
Sylvia’s relationship with our mother was even more strained when she demanded a divorce from her first husband Ralph Velasco. Sylvia had an affair with Gary A. Schmidt who was married with a wife who was pregnant in the hospital with their first child (Hallie Schmidt) at the time.

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