12 February 2015

Proposed Settlement; Thelsey L. Fuller Trust

1.      Robert Fuller and Doris Fuller, will give up their respective shares in the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust.  This will be construed as full satisfaction of the judgment against them [$300,000.00].
2.      Their objections against the accounting and the petition to disinherit them will be withdrawn as well as their request for attorney fees. 

The settlement will be presented to the court at the March 23, 2015 hearing.  This settlement would resolve all the issues between the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust and against Doris Fuller and Robert Fuller. 

There would be no further litigation or issues.

This ploy, this so called settlement offer is viewed as an attempt to circumvent the judgement against Robert Fuller and Doris Fuller and owed to the Thelsy L. Fuller Trust.

What this alleged settlement does is shield Robert Fuller and Doris Fuller from any repercussions for their actions, i.e. fraud, undue influence and financial elder abuse against Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller.

That said, once the Trust falls to within $50,000.00 the Trust must be distributed to the beneficiaries.

Re: 7.13. Early Termination of Trusts, Page 18

At this point it makes no difference whether or not Trust assets are expended to collect the $235,000.00 plus interest of $65,000.00  owed to the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust from Doris Fuller and Robert Fuller.

Attorney Teddie J. Randall is alleged to have filed a lien against shares of the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust belonging to principals, Shirley, Sandra and Steven in the amount of $25,000.00 each, for a total of $75,000.00.

    [Attorney Randall was ordered by the Court to collect his fees from Doris and Robert years ago].

It is estimated that the Temporary Successor Trustee, attorney Tala R. Davis's fees for the administration of the Trust will be $50,000.00.

As of this writing, the value of the Trust is estimated to be roughly $210.000.00

Robert has been advised that to make the settlement agreement palatable he and or Doris would need to come up with the money to pay attorney Randall's fees and the fees of Madam Trustee Davis for administration of the Trust.

Doris could borrow $125,000.00 against her house, $75,000.00 to Randall; $50,000.00 to Davis, and keep her house... in order to make a righteous settlement with the Trust and their siblings.

Otherwise, Doris's house must be seized by the Trustee and sold for the full amount of $300,000.00 the amount of the debt owed to the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust.

Now, the Court will make a determination in regards to how much money attorneys Randall and Davis may collect from the Trust.

So, why does it make any difference whether or not the Court makes a determination whether or not Doris Fuller and Robert Fuller will be disinherited from the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust?

"Of all the illegal and illicit enterprises in the world, elder exploitation is among the safest and most profitable."

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