19 November 2014

Would You Be Willing To Report A Family Member For Financial Elder Abuse?

It would take some nerve to report an abusive family member to law enforcement.  We also know from the National Center on Elder Abuse that most abusers are family members.  And they tell us that only 44 out of 1000 instances of abuse are reported to authorities.  Why aren’t more cases reported to the very authorities capable of stopping the abusers?

It seems to me that most family members are simply unwilling to “rat out” another family member even when they know that abuse is going on. When it comes to the elders themselves, there is shame and embarrassment  with being taken advantage of by someone close, and someone they really trusted, a grown child perhaps.  They hesitate. They are fearful.  They want to talk about it but not do anything about it.  And the reluctance to report the abuse to Adult Protective Services is not limited to the elders who can’t bear to call the authorities about a son, daughter or other relative.

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