25 October 2014

L.A. gets $1.6 million to combat elder abuse

Calling elder abuse one of the most under-reported crimes in the city, Los Angeles officials on Wednesday announced plans to expand its efforts to protect senior citizens with some help from the Department of Justice and Verizon Corp.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Attorney Mike Feuer said the awarding of $1.6 million in grants to the city will help fund efforts to train police officers in recognizing the signs of elder abuse, which often involves family members and can be somewhat of a hidden crime.

“Our office is in the forefront of domestic violence,” Feuer said. “Our office receives 11,000 cases of domestic violence each year, but last year, we received only 100 cases of elder abuse. We know there are more cases out there.


Some of this MONEY! should have gone toward training prosecutors and $1.6 million dollars is one-tenth of one percent that needs to be spent. IOW, this is more window dressing than anything else.

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