22 July 2014

Dude sold mother's home $100,000 below fair market value

Selling the home $100,000.00 below fair market value, an act of financial elder abuse, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now he is demanding $125,000.00 for something that he volunteered to do and something that mother never agreed too.  

Yeah, dude wants to be rewarded via the civil action in L.A. Superior Court case BP 099211 et al. petitioning the Court to reward him for his fuck ups.

What he won't do is admit to the things that he did wrong in financially abusing his elderly siblings.

He coerced and intimidated his sisters in order for his friends er, attorneys, to get rich off of both deceased parents estates.

How does one charge your mother for rent? 

See below:


  1. This whole thing is just very sad. Roger Daltrey had a good point when he sang "I hope I die before I get old."

    And just where is this money supposed to come from. Isn't it all gone?

    1. Both estates are gone. Dude has had five attorneys...

      Edwina never sued her husband, Thelsy, for financial gain, not even alimony.



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