18 October 2013

Mickey Rooney's stepson settles Elder Abuse Lawsuit for millions

Mickey Rooney's stepson now concedes he owes the famed actor $2.8 million for allegedly siphoning off a ton of money from Mickey's financial accounts, but there's a GIGANTIC catch.

Christopher Aber and his wife, Christina, have just settled with Mickey's conservators, after allegations they played funny with Mickey's money.  There were also allegations the couple deprived Mickey of food, meds, and even blocked him from leaving his home.

The whole thing escalated when the 93-year-old actor testified before Congress on elder abuse.

So now Christopher and Christina -- who have declared bankruptcy -- have folded.  

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  1. Too bad Robert and Doris won't fold.

    1. Robert has been married four times, he murdered his first wife [Linda]. He hung out with crack whores claiming they were his women when in reality they were anyone's woman that had crack cocaine.

      Doris is a black ugly bitch that no one in the family can figure out who her parents are or where she came from. Edwina left her in the hospital after she was born claiming that her baby had been switched. Also, it is said the she is responsible for the death of Roger Grant being that she spent all of the money which belonged to some nefarious drug dealers and Roger couldn't pay it back.



      Too bad the authorities aren't doing their jobs!



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