08 August 2013

Financial Elder Abuse Often Perpetrated by Trusted Family and Friends

August 6, 2013, 08:00:00AM. By Heidi Turner

Anaheim, CA
     Most people would like to think that those who would commit financial elder abuse in California or across the US are strangers or people not closely associated with the victim, not trusted family and friends. But the truth is that much California elderly financial abuse is committed by the victim’s loved ones. Friends, children and siblings of seniors have all been among those accused of committing elder abuse financial exploitation. Unfortunately, when elder abuse is committed by a loved one, it can be difficult for the victim or other family members to report it, meaning financial elder abuse nationally and in California is generally under reported.

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Report elder abuse, financial elder abuse, fraud, undue influence and theft all you want - the authorities are not interested in prosecuting.

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