10 August 2011

Rob Momma, Stick It To Her Good

After seeing the bank account, convince yourself that your 94-year-old mother no longer exists. Then, put your own selfish motives above all else and anyone else.

Follow this script, but not necessarily in this order. . . have the elder give you power of attorney over his or her affairs. Find an attorney that will knowingly and willfully violate state law for his or her pecuniary advantage. Draw up the elder's trust in your favor, eliminate everyone but yourself. Break the Joint Tenancy, take all of the elder's money and assets.

Once that is all done, place the elder in a convalescent hospital against their will and pray that with the help of the medical insurer, no other person can contact your victim for the rest of their lives.

Oh, and count on the fact that nothing is in place to combat your actions and or too hold you accountable for what you have done to your victims.

In a nutshell, protect yourself at all times and make yourself aware of the signs and symptoms of elder abuse, financial elder abuse, as one day you may find yourself on the verge of becoming a victim. God forbid.

On behalf of Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller 08/20/1917
& Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller* 06/03/1917 - 08/26/09

Thelsey was alive when the authorities were notified.

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  1. The people are old and folks just figure that they're useless. Oh, except for their money and property I mean. You'd get in bigger trouble if you took one of your dogs and wounded him, kicked him, isolated him and let him die. It would make the papers and people would hate you. But, in the case of your grandpa and my cousin, they were wounded, broken, abused, neglected, isolated and left to die, and that's ok, because they were old. The abuser's in my cousin's case still have jobs are responsible for other people's loved one's now. I have to "understand" that if we take this to court, the defendants will argue that she was incapacitated anyway and somewhat uncooperative with her treatment. You mean, she didn't want to "cooperate" being locked in a rehab room alone for 10 hours? Or, she didn't want to cooperate so she was allowed to fall and shatter her hip and then put to bed in excrutiating pain for the next 3-4 days? No witnesses? Oh, well that's right, since she had dementia she couldn't tell us what happened, so it MUST have been an accident both times. Yeah,,,


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